The Velveteins “A Hot Second With The Velveteins”

The Velveteins’ latest EP, A Hot Second With The Velveteins, is a thrilling blast of surfy garage rock, allowed to breath by the echo-laden production of Cage The Elephant’s Lincoln Parish.  It’s a promising collection of songs from a young band of rock historians, who have a thorough understanding of what makes a song sound cool.

There’s a consistent balance between sound and songcraft here, and the interplay of loose instrumentation and remarkably tight structures lends a genuine charm to the songs.  The Velveteins also do a good job of exploring their own capabilities over the limited course of six songs.  “Hanging From The Ceiling” is an outright tribute to fifties doo-wop, for example, while “Beach Reprive” is a reverb-drenched surf jam.  The band jumps around their influences effortlessly, while still sounding wholly their own.  It’s pretty clear that they’ll only have even more sweet experiments to offer us in the near future.


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