Weaves “Weaves”

Toronto band Weaves have been turning heads all over the place.  They got some people’s attention following an ecstatic debut EP in 2014, and now their self-titled full-length has thrust them into the indie limelight.  They’ve also gained a reputation for their exhilarating live act, which they’ve taken on the road for much of 2016.  All I can say is that they deserve all the attention they’ve been getting.

The group is wild and original, throwing away all of the admittedly lax rules of rock and making up their own.  They’re thoroughly modern, in that they’re much more concerned with entertainment than with genres.   They’re also paranoid of being relegated to background music, so everything they do sounds purposely fucked up, but super catchy.

It’s hard to listen to the album without smiling at how weird it is.  It sounds like all the band members are doing their own thing at the same time, but they’re not competing with each other.  Weaves still have a thorough understanding of what they’re doing together.  They just have different approaches to music, and it somehow works better than I’m sure anyone could have imagined.

There are some heavy influences at play here: the plucky guitar work of the Pixies, the slacker hooks of Pavement, the purposeful dissonance of the Velvet Underground.  But those recognitions are not meant to diminish the originality of what Weaves are doing.  They’re louder and generally much more bizarre than any other indie band has been for a long time.  Most importantly, they have an ecstatic energy that a lot of us have been missing.

While I think they’re probably a bit too weird for the masses, there is definitely mass appeal to a lot of their songs.  As much as Weaves like to laugh in the face of pop classicism, many of their songs are actually extremely catchy.  Whether it’s the repeated refrains of “Eagle,” the drunken chord progression of “Birds & Bees,” the pounding rhythms of “Candy,” or the circular riffs of “Human,” there’s something for everyone’s ears on Weaves.

The band have done something very special with this album.  It’s a crazed monster from a group who sound determined to take the world by storm.  They’re sure to become the next darlings of indie people who like their music to be a bit weird, but still accessible and bright.  Sure, there’s an underlying sinister darkness on Weaves, but the band are still here to make good songs.  They only want to scare some people away.

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