Mild High Club “Skiptracing”

Skiptracing is the second album from Mild High Club, the psychedelic solo project of Alex Brettin.  It’s a charmingly crafted circus of sounds, inspired in large part by ‘70s AM radio, but also bringing together many other influences into a remarkably cohesive whole.  Even though some of the songs stand well on their own as singles, the album is full of slow transitions and common themes, giving it the feel of a concept album.

There are many eclectic influences at play here.  “Head Out” is a laid-back, trippy bolero, while “Kokopelli” is Brettin’s inevitably off-kilter attempt at elevator music.  The songs also get weirder as the album progresses.  “Skiptracing” and “Homage” are the most straightforward and catchy songs that Mild High Club has to offer, but “¿Whodunit?,” “Ceiling Zero,” and much of “Chapel Perilous” are strangely beautiful sound experimentations.

Throughout the album, Brettin manages to stick to his carefully crafted sound while stretching it as far as he can.  It’s the balance between consistent songcraft and experimentation that make Skiptracing a success from one of today’s masters of nostalgic psychedelic pop.

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