Ultimate Painting “Dusk”

Dusk is the third outing in three years from prolific London duo Ultimate Painting.  It also might be their best yet.  Despite the rotating cast of musicians floating around the central duo of Jack Cooper and James Hoare, the band definitely has a distinct sound: barebones retro soft rock that nods back to the ‘60s and ‘70s.  They’re focused and cohesive without repeating themselves from one album to the next, which makes them one of the most intriguing acts in the current wave of nostalgic indie rock bands.

Dusk is both well-timed and appropriately titled, sounding like the musical equivalent of an autumn sunset.  Though the album is full of strong tunes, “Who Is Your Next Target?” is probably the strongest.  It plays with the kind of gentle drive that beats at the album’s heart from start to finish, topping it off with warm guitars and a catchy vocal breeze.  It perfectly sums up what the band are going for at this point in their so far short career: jangly sunshine pop that’s been toned down to dusk.